About Us

International speaking is a challenging task and definitely not for the faint hearted. It needs extensive preparations and an awareness of the customs and traditions prevailing in other countries. This is apart from the choice of words some of which can be totally acceptable in one country and be a strict no-no in another.

It is therefore necessary that this confusion is cleared and some sense is made of international speaking. This is exactly what the focus of our blog spot lvisb.com is. It is a niche space dedicated to exchange of information on public speaking on international platforms. Those who have experience in this field can write in so that others may benefit from it.

Contributions need not only be about international public speaking. Write-ups about business presentations to an international audience or foreign companies are also welcome. In today’s global village business environment, it is necessary for businesses to know the ways and means to positively impact their counterparts in other countries. Those who have in-depth knowledge are welcome to share their specific skill sets on this score by sending in blogs to our site.

What can bloggers write about? For us, the scope is almost unlimited. Any news, information or trivia is welcome. A few examples will help illustrate this point better.

With different customs existing in countries across the world, gestures and conventions are not standardised. A nod is a “yes” in most countries but the opposite in Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece. So if a speaker is not careful in these countries, it can adversely impact the message that has to be conveyed to the audience. These are the complexities that bloggers can clear on our site.

Lvisb.org is a one stop blog spot where it is possible to acquire skill sets in international speaking. Do write in to us on this niche and help others who are in this field.